An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company

History, Founders & Company:

Mr. Deepak Loomba

One of the Promoter/Directors of De Core Science & Technologies (P) Ltd., Mr.Deepak Loomba, followed his schooling in Birla Higher Secondary School Pilani (Rajasthan) with higher studies in Physics & Mathematics.

Mr. Deepak Loomba, a technopreneur has a number of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) to his credit, which are considered intangible assets. The IPRs are in field of lighting, semiconductors & material processing. He Commercialized vortex grinding of super hard materials and shredded metal scrap to metal powder used in paint industry.
He also developed and commercialized technology for manufacturing of photovoltaic vacuum glass panel for windows. He Owns Intellectual Property in the area of material processing and die architecture as well. 

Having established and executed businesses in Russia, Germany and Swizerland in the area of international trading and technology investments, Mr. Deepak Loomba returned to India and promoted Transtechnology Consultants along with Dr. S. K. Agarwal, that provided consultancy services in the field of vacuum technologies. Operational since 2006, it has executed successfully a contracts to upgrade & improve existing Electrical (lamps) product assembly lines. It has also developed a special Hg-Zn amalgam solid pill to replace liquid mercury dosing in gas-discharge lamps leading to substantial reduction in use of mercury (as of now the lamp manufacturers cannot control the amount of mercury they dose into a lamp) and consequently resulting into protection of ecology.

Presently, Mr. Loomba is the Chairman and Managing Director of De Core Nanosemiconductors Limited Gandhinagar as well as De Core Science & Technologies Ltd., Noida. Both the Companies are public limited companies with Industrial Finance Corporation of India- IFCI, Infrastructure Development Finance Company- IDFC and Emergent Ventures India (P) Ltd.-EVI being the stake holders besides Mr. Deepak Loomba.

De Core Nanosemiconductors Limited is South Asia’s first Nanosemiconductor Fab., producing Light Emitting Diodes (LED Crystals), and scheduled to manufacture Blue Lasers, 4th Generation mobile telephony components in Gandhinagar, Gujarat (India).

De Core Science & Technologies Ltd. has set up one of the highest capacity (in single location) LED Chip Packaging plant in Noida, near Delhi.

The Group is operating out of India (New Delhi & Gandhinagar, Capital of the State of Gujarat) and has offices in Middle East (Doha), Singapore, US, Taiwan, St. Petersburg (Russia, CIS & Pre-Baltics), Doha (Middle Eastern Hub). The group has commenced investment in St. Petersburg.

Dr S K Agarwal (1943-2009)

An eminent scientist, and Ex-Associate Director (Scientist 'G'), Solid State Physics Lab of DRDO, Dr S. K. Agarwal's contribution in the field of Solid State Physics has been enormous and works as the catalyst in India.

Emission Spectrograph, Mass Spectrograph, Laser Raman Spectrophotometer for impurity analysis in solid state materials have been some of the key areas of his works. He designed the spray system and successfully used it in depositing PbS thin films for IR Detectors. He also guided the work on growth and characterization in the area of ionic crystals. With his involvement Vapour phase epitaxial reactor for the growth GaSaP was assembled and the state of the art Red LED were developed by Zink. He designed a two chloride VPE system and got fabricated indigenously. He got associated with the first MOVPE System received in Country. He also developed 20% efficiency (AMO) GaAs-Ge solar cells.

He had been visiting professor to reputed institutions and acted as Chairman/ Member at various committees at SSPL, RAC (DRDO), NPL, IIT, Universities, etc. More than 100 papers of him were published or presented in national and international conferences besides editing two books. He was the Founder of Society of Semicondcutor Devices.

His works and strengths still inspire the De Core family to strive for excellence.